More than 40 women have come forward, all of whom allege that comedian, Bill Cosby, sexually assaulted them. Although the specific details are still unknown, Cosby, an entertainer who has seen success for more than 50 years, is now infamously known for giving doses of the drug Quaalude to his alleged victims, and then having sex with them. Continue reading →

Maine Governor Paul LePage appears to be working to cut funding for criminal defense attorney appointed to represent indigent client. The proposed changes would apply to payment to lawyers appointed in cases involving indigent defendants, juvenile offenders, parents facing child protective services accusations who are unable to pay for their own attorneys, and potential wards of the state.  Continue reading →

Billionaire and Newport Coast resident, Henry Nicholas, is being sued by former girlfriend of 6 years for $70 million. Nicholas’s former girlfriend, Melissa Montero, filed the suit after attempting to help Nicholas during, what she describes as, a spiral of drug abuse and erratic behavior.

In the suit, Montero makes claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, assault and battery, and domestic violence. Continue reading →

Lamar Odom will not face charges related to an incident at a Nevada brothel in 2015 in which the former Los Angeles Laker forward and 6th Man of the Year nearly died.

Odom, 36, was hospitalized for 3 months after a cocaine overdose inside Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada. According to reports, the Nye County District Attorney is set to dismiss the case later this week. After waking, Odom was transferred to a Los Angeles area hospital, but has since left and checked into a local rehabilitation facility to work on speaking and walking. Continue reading →

The recent news of refugees arriving in the U.S. has sparked a sharp divide amongst citizens who fear increasing crime rates. For generations refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers have been easy scapegoats in regards to crime rates. Xenophobia, the irrational fear or dislike of people from other countries, seems to rear its ugly head when governments agree to take in people fleeing genocide and other human rights atrocities.  Continue reading →

Convicted double murderer Daniel Wozniak has received a recommendation for the death penalty.

The jury, which has been on the case for more than 5 years, deliberated for just over an hour before deciding the former Costa Mesa theater actor should be put to death for the slayings of two friends. Wozniak killed the two in a plot to steal money in order to pay for his wedding.  Continue reading →

The Orange County Coroner used dental records to identify the recently found remains of a man who went missing in 2005.

Bobby Simpson had checked himself into a hospital in March 2005 after swallowing a lethal dose of painkillers, and then left without treatment, according to police. He apparently died in a remote brushy area near Laguna Canyon Road.  Continue reading →

The Costa Mesa community theater actor was found guilty on December 16th, 2015 of murdering two people – one of whom served in Afghanistan.

The jury deliberated for only a few hours after the conclusion of the trial which took more than 5 years to complete. In closing arguments, the prosecution claimed that Wozniak hoped to “use his magical acting powers to trick the dumb police” after being investigated for the killings of Sam Herr and Juri Kibuishi. Continue reading →

Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach has been charged with 4 misdemeanor related to an assault on an Uber driver on Friday.

Golden faces assault on public transportation property, battery on a public transit employee with injury, assault and battery. The driver of the Uber car, Edward Caban, had a dash cam that recorded the entire event. Continue reading →

There are more delays in trying the 5-year old double murder case against Daniel Wozniak.

A judge ruled this week that the District Attorney’s office of Orange County could continue prosecuting the double-murder case of Daniel Wozniak. In his ruling, the judge rejected assertions by Mr. Wozniak’s defense attorney that there was misconduct on the prosecution side, which would have threatened Wozniak’s constitutional right to a fair trial. The judge made his ruling based on a lack of evidence regarding the alleged misconduct. Continue reading →