2 More NFL Players Charged, 1 for Attacking Attorney, Other for Alleged Domestic Violence

Former receiver for the  Detroit Lions, Titus Young, was arrested last Tuesday and sentenced to five years of probation for assaulting his former attorney.

Judge Michael J. Shultz has also ordered Young to spend a full year at the Crosby Center, a mental health and drug dependency treatment facility in Escondido.

The former NFL player attacked the attorney last July in Willowbrook, CA, punching him in the face and breaking his nose in the process. Young later pleaded to felony battery.

Since Young had previously spent several months in jail and 99 days at the Crosby Center following the attack, he was given some credit for the time he served.

Larry Burns, the Director of the Crosby Center, testified that, due to a concussion, Young suffers from a trauma brain injury. According to Burns, the ex-Lion was “over-medicated” in the months prior to the incident and “went wild”.

According to Burns, Young has been making significant progress during his time in Escondido and has been a “model patient.”

Titus Young was also arrested in May 2013 for DUI in Riverside County, California. Only 14 hours later, he jumped the fence at the tow yard to try and repossess his seized Ford Mustang, and was arrested again.

Following the sentencing, Martin Lijtmaer, Young’s new attorney said in a statement:

“I know firsthand how hard Titus is working on his recovery and that he is making tremendous strides in his rehabilitation. Titus wants to be an inspiration to the legions of young men who have – and will surely continue – to battle concussion-related mental issues because of football.”

He added:

“He is energized and excited by this second chance and he promises to embrace this opportunity to achieve a full recovery. On behalf of Titus and his family, I ask for privacy at this time so they can move on to the next phase of Titus’ recovery.”

Young was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2011, but was released two years after due to ongoing behavioral and injury problems.

In other NFL news, San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller has been charged with vandalism, but not with domestic violence, following the investigation an argument with his girlfriend. Miller was arrested on March 5.

District Attorney’s Office in Santa Clara County District announced on Monday that, “While original reports indicated that Miller may have pushed his girlfriend from his parked car, an investigation into the alleged assault was inconclusive.”

Jim Demertzis, DA Family Violence Unit, the district attorney will request the court sends Miller to counseling in order to prevent such an incident happening again in the future. If convicted, Miller could face a full year in jail.

Explaining his stance Demertzis said:

“Even relatively minor domestic violence incidents can be the first steps on a path that ends in tragedy. That’s why we take all domestic violence cases seriously.”

According to the DA’s office, the victim first told police that Miller pushed her out of the car which was parked in a garage at the Rivermark Hyatt House in Santa Clara. She also claimed he grabbed and smashed her cell phone. As happens in many domestic violence cases, in a later interview, she denied any physical contact occurred. The victim also declined medical care and didn’t have any visible injuries.

In a statement, general manager of San Francisco 49ers Trent Baalke said briefly:

“The 49ers organization is aware of today’s development involving Bruce Miller and will continue to monitor these legal proceedings closely.”

The San Francisco fullback has been given a 3-year extension to his contract with the club last year. Miller and his girlfriend are engaged to be married.