Are Expungements Fair For All Parties Involved? We Think So!


The question, posed by, asked respondents to identify whether they believed expunging a criminal record was fair.

So far, nearly 60% of poll-takers have agreed that expungements are fair, and that the expungement process “is a fair way of erasing past mistakes.” One reader expanded by saying that arrests and dismissals should automatically be removed from criminal records.

23% of respondents agreed and voted that “The truth is these crimes were committed.” Thus, the convictions should remain a part of the person’s criminal record.

Many voters (16.5%), looking at the gray area, said that only in certain circumstances and only certain crimes should eligible for expungement. The poll, which claims to be unscientific, sheds light on the public’s opinion of the legal process by which an individual can have his or her criminal record erased.

Some employers express concern over potentially hiring someone who has had moral misgivings in the past, while others recognize that people with criminal records are still valuable and can greatly contribute to an organization.

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