California Attorney Lauren K Johnson Interviewed On HuffPost Live About Medical Marijuana Law And Kids

California Attorney Lauren K Johnson Interviewed On HuffPost Live About Medical Marijuana Law And Keeping Kids Safe From Accidental Ingestion

Criminal Defense Attorney Lauren K. Johnson Provides Expert Legal Analysis Regarding Medical Marijuana And Child Welfare Law
Irvine, Calif., May 31, 2013 — Lauren K. Johnson, a criminal defense attorney with law offices in Irvine, California was interviewed on a panel on HuffPost Live the topic of medical marijuana and the accidental ingestion of medical marijuana products by children. Lauren K Johnson discussed the distinction between legal and illegal drugs and parental responsibility to keep kids safe from accidental ingestion.

A recent Colorado study looked at 14 incidences between 2009 and 2011 in which children were brought to a Denver-area hospital for accidental ingestion of medical marijuana. No previous incidences had been reported. These 14 cases followed a federal policy change in which the federal government declined to prosecute medical marijuana patients in states that have made medical marijuana possession legal. The study questions the implications of increased access of medical marijuana and children’s safety.

Lauren K Johnson discussed the importance of parents keeping all lawful drugs out of the reach and away from children. Ms. Johnson discussed her favor for increased warnings to parents about children gaining unintended access to medical marijuana and the need for child-safety caps and other measures to prevent access. Ms. Johnson discussed the importance of keeping keeps safe as there is an increase in medical marijuana use by lawful patients in California and other states.

Lauren K Johnson addressed the issues from a child welfare perspective and the specific factors a court might look for in determining whether parents were negligent. For example, a court would likely consider whether the marijuana was obtained and possessed illegally or as legal medicine, what kind of access and opportunity a child has or had to ingest it, the home conditions and the age of a child.

Other panelists discussed the comparisons and differences between medical marijuana ingestion, other legal and illegal drugs, and alcohol. While current case law in California addresses the ingestion by children of illegal drugs, with the increased use of medical marijuana, courts are bound to address accidental ingestion of medical marijuana due to its continued stigma.

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