California Criminal Expungements On The Rise in 2011

According to SF Gate’s, California criminal expungement petitions see a massive increase due to continuing harsh job market, expungements in California have risen over 200% in the past year. Individuals seeking expungement under Penal Code Section 1203.4 have convictions of all types and are accessing the statutory relief in droves. Types of “expungements” available in California include criminal expungement for all types of convictions, juvenile criminal record expungement, certificate of rehabilitation, arrest record sealing, and early termination of probation services.

In light of the highly competitive job market caused by the economic downturn, many people are hoping to improve their chances of getting a job after cleaning up their record. Fortunately, there are many options to cleaning up one’s criminal history in California. While there is a plethora of information about how to “do it yourself” on the internet, California criminal defense attorneys sometimes encounter complicated scenarios that need cleaning up: multiple convictions, convictions needing to be set aside in the interest of justice, or claims that defendants were not advised of immigration consequences by their attorney priot to having entered the plea, in light of the SCOTUS’s decision in Padilla v. Kentucky.

Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense attorney can tailor the appropriate motions to an individual’s situation and sometimes even appear for the client, avoiding further loss of wages from missed work. I encourage anyone with a criminal conviction to at least investigate the type of relief that s/he may be entitled to in California. If relief is available, there is little reason not to avail one’s self of it.

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