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More than 40 women have come forward, all of whom allege that comedian, Bill Cosby, sexually assaulted them. Although the specific details are still unknown, Cosby, an entertainer who has seen success for more than 50 years, is now infamously known for giving doses of the drug Quaalude to his alleged victims, and then having sex with them. Continue reading →

Billionaire and Newport Coast resident, Henry Nicholas, is being sued by former girlfriend of 6 years for $70 million. Nicholas’s former girlfriend, Melissa Montero, filed the suit after attempting to help Nicholas during, what she describes as, a spiral of drug abuse and erratic behavior.

In the suit, Montero makes claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, assault and battery, and domestic violence. Continue reading →

Lamar Odom will not face charges related to an incident at a Nevada brothel in 2015 in which the former Los Angeles Laker forward and 6th Man of the Year nearly died.

Odom, 36, was hospitalized for 3 months after a cocaine overdose inside Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada. According to reports, the Nye County District Attorney is set to dismiss the case later this week. After waking, Odom was transferred to a Los Angeles area hospital, but has since left and checked into a local rehabilitation facility to work on speaking and walking. Continue reading →

After being alerted to a fire inside an apartment on the 1900 block of Sherrington Place, police discovered roughly 25 marijuana plants. The plants were part of a cultivation project, however, one that police determined to be legal.

The Newport Beach Fire Department determined that a faulty electrical cord that may have been part of the growing operation was the source of the blaze. The Newport Beach Police were notified by firefighters after they had extinguished the fire and discovered the plants.

It’s rather surprising that NBPD did not pursue charges related to the cultivation. Newport Beach, known for its politically conservative city council, charged over 550 drug abuse violations in 2014 – second only to DUI charges.

24 year-old Richard Sandoval has been charged with 8 felonies related to his violent attempts at persuading his 18 year-old girlfriend to become his prostitute at a hotel in Garden Grove. Along with burning her leg with a blow torch, Sandoval threatened to kill the woman if she refused to engage sexual acts in exchange for money, according to the OC Weekly.

At some point during the event, Garden Grove Police were contacted and dispatched to the hotel room where Sandoval had taken up post. Inside the room Garden Grove Officers found scales, plastic bags, a large amount of cocaine, and the blow torch he had used to burn his victims leg.

Sandoval faces harsher punishment today than if he was charged with this crime only a few years ago. In 2012, Californians voted on Prop 35 and passed it with an overwhelming 81%, according to the Huffington Post. The proposition increases sentences for human traffickers to 12 year maximums, along with $1.5 million fines. Furthermore, those who traffic children could be sentenced to life in prison.

One local attorney now probably wishes he thought twice before he agreed to befriend a local drug kingpin. On Monday United States District Court Judge James V. Selna sentenced Richard Brizendine to spend 3 months in prison and serve 2 years probation for laundering money.

This was the result of a plea deal that Brizendine agreed to, which required him to admit that he was laundering money for John Melvin Walker, aka “Pops,” a convicted drug lord.

Walker was convicted in 2013 for drug trafficking and tax evasion in connection to running no less than 9 marijuana storefronts. He was also ordered to pay restitution in the amounts of $2.4 million to the Internal Revenue Service, and $1.8 million to the California State Board of Equalization.

Santa Ana police arrested a local truck driver on Wednesday around 2:00 p.m. after he crashed a stolen vehicle into three different businesses and one home. The police chase lasted some 20 minutes and finally ended in front of a law office.

The driver, who was identified by the Santa Ana Police, was a 48-year old local named Tuan Anh Truong.

According to the police, they received reports of a man driving a stolen GMC Sierra truck around 1:30 p.m. The man, it was said, was driving recklessly and was crashing into businesses. Continue reading →