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Two teens, 17 and 16 years old, were arrested after home surveillance camera caught them in a rather brazen home invasion. The two juvenile burglars were arrested only a day apart from each other.

The first of the two boys, 17 years old, gave himself up to the police on Wednesday, the police in San Jose said. Continue reading →

A woman in East Los Angeles had the opportunity to witness first-hand what an angry United States Marshal will do when he is being filmed during a law enforcement activity.

Standing on a residential sidewalk, the woman used her camera to film a group of U.S. Marshals, in what looked like preparations to enter a home that was suspected to be a location where biker gang activity was occurring, when one of them spotted her.

Strapped with an assault rifle, the U.S. Marshal aggressively approached the woman filming, who was still holding the camera in his direction, grabbed it from her hands and then threw it to the sidewalk, smashing it on the ground. Since that was not enough, he also kicked the broken camera toward the shocked woman. Continue reading →


On July 5th, a thirty-seven year old homeless man from Santa Ana named Kelly Thomas, arrived at the UC Irvine Medical Center comatose, with multiple organ failure, multiple fractures to his face and ribs and having suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest, based on an evaluation by a trauma surgeon. He died five days later. Two Fullerton police officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, were found responsible for Thomas’s death.

Thomas was a homeless man in Santa Ana that suffered from schizophrenia. He has had previous encounters with the cops but for nothing violent. On the night of the incident, Fullerton Police Officers Ramos and Cicinelli were dispatched for the possibility of a man breaking into vehicles in the parking lot of the Fullerton transit center.