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The Orange County Coroner used dental records to identify the recently found remains of a man who went missing in 2005.

Bobby Simpson had checked himself into a hospital in March 2005 after swallowing a lethal dose of painkillers, and then left without treatment, according to police. He apparently died in a remote brushy area near Laguna Canyon Road.  Continue reading →

Former receiver for the  Detroit Lions, Titus Young, was arrested last Tuesday and sentenced to five years of probation for assaulting his former attorney.

Judge Michael J. Shultz has also ordered Young to spend a full year at the Crosby Center, a mental health and drug dependency treatment facility in Escondido.

The former NFL player attacked the attorney last July in Willowbrook, CA, punching him in the face and breaking his nose in the process. Young later pleaded to felony battery.

Since Young had previously spent several months in jail and 99 days at the Crosby Center following the attack, he was given some credit for the time he served.

Larry Burns, the Director of the Crosby Center, testified that, due to a concussion, Young suffers from a trauma brain injury. According to Burns, the ex-Lion was “over-medicated” in the months prior to the incident and “went wild”. Continue reading →

CLICK HERE: Finally the NY TIMES is addressing the youth “sexting” hysteria

Practicing criminal law, attorneys often learn that the exceptions can be so bad, they swallow the rule.

When children are required to register as sex offenders for taking pictures of themselves and “sexting” with peers, child protection laws are no longer being used as they were intended. It is only with education and information that young people make good choices, not with the threat of being labeled a lifetime sex offender.