Chris Brown Smashes A Window Glass While On Probation, News Media Calls It A Parole Violation

In an ordinary tale of the news media having no idea what the difference between probation or parole is, or any legal terms whatsoever, the Hollywood Reporter asks, “Is Chris Brown’s ‘GMA’ Meltdown a Parole Violation?”

The short answer is “No,” unless he is actually on parole, which the article goes on to suggest he is not. It appears, rather, that Brown is on probation for his infamous domestic violence assault of against singer, Rihanna. Brown received probation for that case and is being supervised by a probation officer. Apparently, he was doing quite well until asked about the domestic violence during an interview on TV.

Not surprising, Brown had a tantrum. I thought he has been ordered to do anger management? If Brown is charged with vandalism, the new crime would constitute a new law violation and trigger a probation violation. If the network or police and prosecutor choose not to pursue the case, Brown may still face a violation. The morale of the story, I guess, is that a tantrum never leads to anything good, be it if you are on probation or parole.

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