Broadcom Founder Facing Civil Suit After Alleged Domestic Violence

Billionaire and Newport Coast resident, Henry Nicholas, is being sued by former girlfriend of 6 years for $70 million. Nicholas’s former girlfriend, Melissa Montero, filed the suit after attempting to help Nicholas during, what she describes as, a spiral of drug abuse and erratic behavior.

In the suit, Montero makes claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, assault and battery, and domestic violence.

Nicholas, a co-founder of the tech firm Broadcom Corp., has a history with drug use and alleged trafficking. In 2008, he was indicted for conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs that included methamphetamine and cocaine. Those charges were later dropped.

Included in the suit are allegations that Nicholas hid the extent of his drug use from Montero. Drugs cited in the case include cocaine, ecstasy, painkillers, and methamphetamine. As a result of the drug abuse, Nicholas’s behavior worsened over time, and eventually led to severe emotional and physical trauma to Montero.