Electronics Thieves Shocked by Irvine PD Bust

After asking to see an iPad inside of a display at the Target store in Irvine Spectrum, three suspected thieves fled out of an emergency exit to a waiting car.

The getaway driver, Victory Rogers, was identified after investigators used surveillance footage of her vehicle from the store’s security camera. The four suspects were outside a Best Buy store in Moreno Valley at the time of the arrest.

According to police, the four were connected to 12 other thefts – a spree that may have begun in Washington state and touched Oregon, San Diego, and as far north as Stockton, California.

Rogers, 25 of Southwestern Burien, Washington, was the oldest of the suspects was joined by two men in their early 20s and a minor. Police did not identify the juvenile suspect.

It is likely that, at least, Rogers will be charged federally with violation of US Code 2314 Transportation of Stolen Goods (across state lines). Also likely are conspiracy charges, and, depending on the total value of the goods that were stolen, Federal Grand Larceny.