Imminent California Assembly Vote On Mandatory Vaccination Bill SB 277 That Would Take Away A Parent and Child’s Right To Informed Consent

SB 277 will take away a parent’s right to decide which vaccines to give their child and when to give them. It will force all children to be vaccinated according to the Senate Bill’s schedule if they are to receive a public OR private education or childcare in this state and takes away the right to informed consent that we all enjoy as a human freedom.

According to the Sacramento Bee article, Drug Companies Donated Millions To California Law Makers Before Vaccine Debate, the bill’s author, Pan, took the largest amount of pharmaceutical campaign donations of any state senator last campaign. Pan thinks that near complete herd immunity is not enough and has offered this bill that has flown through the state senate.

All parents should be alarmed. While I fully support vaccination, parents must be the individuals who decide these issues. The side effects of vaccinations are documented and real and there is absolutely no legal remedy for injuries from vaccinations, meaning parents do not have the right to sue the manufacturers for serious injuries or death.

Today I wrote my state Assembly member and I encourage you to do the same. I will always fight for the rights of parents to make the most important medical decisions for their children. I know this is a contentious issue and some people very close to me do not agree with my stance.

Nonetheless, I will always fight for your rights, parents.


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