Irvine Child Abuse Attorney Lauren K Johnson Speaks at U.C. Riverside About Juvenile Courts

On January 20, 2012 I was a guest speaker at U.C. Riverside Extension 14th Annual Juvenile Law Institute on the topic of Open Court’s Legislation. The topics of the Juvenile Law Dependency program included new dependency case law and legislative update, including the rules of court and new/revised Judicial Council court forms, current issues in dependency law, practice and procedures in the juvenile dependency court system, ethical issues and dilemmas, and views from the bench. In attendance were social workers, probation officers, mediators, therapists, court interpreters, paralegals, court personnel, psychologists, students and CASAs (court appointed special advocates).

In 90 minutes, I presented a comprehensive history of the open and closed juvenile courts systems across the country and the reasons cited for both opening and closing the courts. Participants had the opportunity to share their opinions on the topic in a collaborative discussion. I also discussed in some detail the recent efforts to open the juvenile courts in Los Angeles.

I also provided attendees with power point materials that included relevant case law authorities and excellent sources of information in the community. The program was a great success and I look forward to the opportunity to speak again to juvenile law practitioners.

I really enjoyed offering my expertise and knowledge of child abuse and juvenile law as both a juvenile dependency attorney and criminal attorney to this group in an interactive way.

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