Judge’s Order Banning Mother With Tattoos from Breast Feeding Reversed

baby photo 1

Image  of “Breastfed Infant” by Tuomas_Lehtinen courtest of freedigitalphotos.net

A court in Australia made the bold, but idiotic, move in ordering a new mom to not breastfeed after she got a couple of tattoos. The judge thought that she placed the baby at risk of HIV, even thought the Australian Breast Feeding Association said “No!” The judge felt the risk outweighed the benefits of breastfeeding and this mom’s parental rights.

He was wrong! According to the article Judge Overturns Breastfeeding Ban For Mom With Tattoos, that decision was reversed by a higher court. In reality, the risks to a baby are low and there was no evidence the mom even contracted HIV. Her tests showed to the contrary.

That is the dumbest ruling I have seen all week!