Judicial Child Abuse: Family Judge Loses It And Detains 3 Kids At Children’s Home After Ordering Them To Have A Healthy Relationship With Dad

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“Cartoon woman rage” from freedigitalimages.net

Sometimes judges lose it. But did you hear about the family court judge who seems to have totally lost it in Michigan a couple weeks ago and sent three kids to jail who committed no crime?

When three kids under the age of 15 refused to see their father or, as the judge ordered “have a healthy relationship with” him, she sent the kids to juvenile hall. The judge also compared the kids to Charles Mansion cult followers and told the 15 year old she did not believe he was intelligent. She told him he would be incarcerated until he was an adult.

Has anyone ever been ordered to have a healthy relationship with anyone and did so because they were ordered to? How bizarre is that! I’ve heard judges say a lot of stupid, foolish and even abusive things in my years but this one takes the cake.

You can read the transcripts of her bizarre rant here.

Apparently these kids were punished (for no crime) in juvenile hall for two weeks before the judge agreed to let them go to camp at their father’s request.

I am calling for her to be disbarred. Who is with me?