LA County Sheriff Charged with Domestic Violence in Buena Park

He set fire to her hair, and threatened her with a firearm. Those are the injuries that Alejandro Flores levied upon his girlfriend on June 29th. The victim, who remained unnamed in police reports, reported that the two began arguing over a relative child and the child’s use of a pacifier.

Flores allegedly pushed the woman into a wall, hit her on top of her head, grabbed her by the neck, and she fell to the ground. Flores then allegedly dragged her into the kitchen and held her over a lit stove burner, causing her hair to catch fire. Following extinguishing her hair, Flores threatened the woman with a non-service weapon and physical violence if she reported the domestic violence to the police or if she left the home.

Flores also is accused of turning up the volume on the TV as the woman screamed for help, in an effort to prevent neighbors from hearing her.

This wasn’t the first time Flores had abused the woman. An incident more than 6 months prior left the woman with a broken nose after Flores hit her in the face. Although the two were not in a romantic relationship at the time of the abuse, because they lived together, this type of violence is considered domestic violence.

Flores has been charged with three counts of domestic battery, and faces several other felonies, including dissuading a witness by force.

Along with being relieved from his position as a Sheriff’s Deputy, Flores is facing a maximum of more than 25 years in prison.