Newport Beach Assault Leads to Misdemeanor Charges

Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach has been charged with 4 misdemeanor related to an assault on an Uber driver on Friday.

Golden faces assault on public transportation property, battery on a public transit employee with injury, assault and battery. The driver of the Uber car, Edward Caban, had a dash cam that recorded the entire event.

Golden, who was a corporate manager for the fast food restaurant Taco Bell, has since been banned from using Uber in the future for his role in the event. Golden appeared to be intoxicated in the video, as he falls over during a turn into a parking lot. After stopping in the lot, Caban asked  Golden to vacate the vehicle, and Golden refused.

At that point, Golden can be seen hitting Caban and pulling his hair from the backseat. In self defense, Caban pepper sprayed Golden, effectively ending the altercation.

The video can be seen here.