Nick Cannon Understandably Baffled By CPS Investigation

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey just welcomed twin babies into their lives. But, according to Nick Cannon – Baffled Nick Cannon Didn’t Trust Child Protective Services Official At Hospital, CPS was the first paparrazzi to want to take a look.

Apparently someone reported that Mariah Carey was drinking alcohol and using drugs while pregnant so CPS thought it should investigate. Apparently you only need a CPS badge and an anonymous tip to violate anyone’s privacy– even that of the rich and famous! So in light of the fact that the information was totally bogus, Cannon was suspicious of the CPS worker’s intentions.

After scrutinizing the CPS worker’s badges and contacting lawyers, Cannon realized this was the real deal. Just like any old family falsely accused of child abuse, Cannon and Carey were investigated at the hospital. Yet, unlike most families wrongfully accused in this system, Cannon and Carey later got an apology.

It would be amazing if Cannon and Carey used their celebrity to highlight the absurdity of CPS’s apparant unbridled chutzpah to show up in the delivery room and poke around whenever they see fit. In the case of this celebrity couple, one can only wonder why CPS was really there (or if they took a photo “for their file”).

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