Orange County CWP Program Lets You Perform Work in Lieu Of Jail Time Pursuant To P.C. 4024.2

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department in cooperation with the Superior Courts has created a unique work release program for offenders, that are eligible, to work for the Sheriff in lieu of doing jail time. The Community Work Program (CWP) was designed to free up some much needed jail beds, save tax-payer dollars and help maintain county facilities. It is similar to Cal Trans, except the work is performed at county facilities like local beaches, parks and the O.C. jails.

Under Penal Code section 4024.2 Sheriff’s departments can release inmates who fit a certain criteria (established by the Sheriff) to perform work for the county in-lieu of their jail sentence.

One ten hour day is equivalent to twenty-four hours in custody

CWP allows an inmate to go home at night and be with their family and loved ones. This is a great benefit to the inmate and the inmate’s family. CWP is on a voluntary basis. However, the inmate needs to know that CWP is also a privilege and he or she is still an inmate and is subject to certain rules and regulations while they are participating on CWP.

Eligibility for CWP would depend on, but not be limited to, the following:

• Sentenced to county jail time
• Sentenced to 150 days or less
• Must not have any active warrants or holds
• Be physically fit to perform manual labor
• Permanent Orange County resident
• Viable mode of transportation
• Pay an Administrative Fee
• Cannot be in custody on violent related charges or sex related charges
CWP benefits everyone involved. This program is very important to the Sheriff, the County of Orange, the tax-paying Citizens, and the inmates and their families. If you are facing jail time and would like to see if you are eligible for the Community Work Program, contact The Johnson Criminal Law Group and let us evaluate your situation.