Pico Rivera Gangster’s Tattoo of the Crime Leads To His Conviction

61070396.jpgCriminal Defense attorneys frequently advise their clients not to speak to anyone about their case. But I suspect few criminal defense attorneys have told clients not to depict their unsolved crimes on their bodies with tattoos. Apparently, Anthony Garcia never got this advisement. According to the LA Times’ Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction, Mr. Garcia depicted a first degree murder he committed in an elaborate chest piece.

A Pico Rivera detective came across the photo that was taken when Mr. Garcia was arrested on suspicion of a minor traffic offense as part of the booking process. This detective recognized the liquor store where this unsolved crime took place. Mr. Garcia’s chest bore the story of the crime, down to the detail of the Christmas lights, indicating when the event took place for detectives.

Once police put this all together, they had undercover officers pretend to be gang members in jail and elicited a jailhouse confession. They claim Mr. Garcia boasted of his involvement, apparently unaware he was being audio recorded. A Los Angeles jury convicted Mr. Garcia of first degree murder this week.

For young people caught up in gangs, committing crimes and then boasting or bragging about them is an important way to get street cred. The irony is that confessions make it easy for law enforcement to prosecute the suspects. In this case, Mr. Garcia helped police seal his fate.

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