Police Seize 107 lbs of Methamphetamine in Southern California Drug Bust

After an investigation that lasted over a month, investigators arrested four men who are suspected to belong to a Southern California drug trafficking ring. The men, who are alleged to have imported cocaine, heroin, and other drugs to the United States from Mexico, are all being detained awaiting trial. They each face sentences that could be longer than they could serve in their lifetime.
According to a report by NBC LosAngeles, police investigators set up an undercover sting operation where an officer attempted to buy drugs from the suspects. Once the officer was in possession of the drugs, other officers obtained a warrant and searched the residence, where police found an additional 107 lbs of methamphetamine, 9.5 lbs of cocaine, ½ lb of heroin, and almost $30,000 in cash.
Police Are Cracking Down on Drug Dealers
If you have been paying attention to the headlines lately, you will have noticed that police are tightening down on drug dealers across the State of California. Not just large-volume dealers, like the ones in this story, are at risk. Police are even setting up sting operations to catch small-time, neighborhood dealers more than in years past.
When it comes to punishments, the amount of the drug possessed does not always matter. This is because there are only a few tiers of possession and, whether you are at the top end or the bottom end doesn’t make any difference in the sentence you will receive.
California has also taken new approaches to hunt down drug dealers versus casual drug users like Assembly Bill 721, authored by Assemblyman Steven Bradford, D-Gardena. He reasons that “too many people are getting caught up in the prison system with nothing more than a small amount of drugs for personal use.” This will apply felony drug-transportation charges to individuals involved in drug trafficking or sales instead of average day to day users.
There Is No Such Thing As a Non-Serious Drug Crime
All drug crimes are serious in the state of California. Some people are deceived because the state has a liberal stance on marijuana consumption; however, that same stance does not necessarily apply to other more serious drugs. For instance, in California, a first-time offender convicted of possession with intent to distribute faces a fine of up to $1,000 and five years in state prison.
Once you have one conviction on your record, any following convictions are treated more seriously. Although California’s “three strikes” law was recently repealed, that does not change the fact that repeat offenders are punished harshly in California.

Have You Been Charged With a California Drug Offense?
If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the state of California, you are in a very serious situation. The truth is that, given the current state of the prison system, prosecutors are rethinking the paradigm when it comes to seeking convictions and offering plea bargains. With the help of an experienced California criminal defense attorney, you may be able to secure a favorable deal. And if a plea bargain does not interest you, then you can rest assured that attorney Lauren Johnson will passionately advocate for you at trial.
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