Riley Curry’s Mom Nails It: “Let Your Children Be Children.”

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If you are a basketball fan or have caught the adorable Riley Curry videos on social media, you are already know that Steph Curry from the Golden State Warrriors has a vivacious, adorable two-year-old daughter, Riley, who stole the show and stole our hearts at a couple press conferences. Apparently some delusional people thought Riley’s appearance was a problem or a demonstration of lax parenting. I love Riley’s mom, Ayesha’s response:

She describes how busy their family is but also how committed they are to being a normal family with appropriate routines for their daughter. At the end of the day, they are parents first and put Riley’s needs before anything else, as they should.

“Stephen attends practice every day, and gives his all during the games on an almost-nightly basis. When that’s over, all he wants is to see his family, and on the day of that press conference, our daughter wanted to be with her father. I thought it was beautiful for him not to push his daddy duties to the bottom of the list just because all eyes were on him. I believe you should let your children be children, and don’t be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who’s watching.”

Ayesha, I agree! And hope to see more Riley and families and kids share the public space. Kids are to be seen and heard!



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