Two Juveniles Arrested After Brazen Break-in, Burglar Caught on Camera Entering Boutique

Two teens, 17 and 16 years old, were arrested after home surveillance camera caught them in a rather brazen home invasion. The two juvenile burglars were arrested only a day apart from each other.

The first of the two boys, 17 years old, gave himself up to the police on Wednesday, the police in San Jose said.

Both suspects’ names are withheld because of their age, and are currently being held at Santa Clara County Juvenile.

According to the police, these two are the same thieves who were caught by a surveillance camera during a break-in of the home on the 4900 block of Shiloh Place in the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose last Friday at around 11 a.m.

The camera caught the two brandishing knives and accosting two women and a child inside the San Jose home.

Home surveillance cameras showed the two teens first approach the home from the back. They then rang the doorbell. After getting no response from the house, they entered through the sliding glass door, which was unlocked.

The thieves then proceeded to the kitchen, where they found knives. While one of them was looking around the kitchen for more loot, the other teen, pulling his shirt up to partly cover his face, proceeded to unplug the telephone.

The burglars then wandered through the house, looking for more stuff to take and passing the living room, which had a child’s toys all over it.

After rummaging around downstairs, they ran upstairs, where two women and a child were in one of the bedrooms, according to police reports.

Once upstairs, one of the thieves started checking the room and, finding one of the doors locked, called his accomplice. The other thief then took a running start from the stairs and kicked the door. One of the victims, the police said, pushed against the bedroom door with her body. The victims then went to hide inside the bathroom, as the thieves entered the bedroom.

Realizing that the victims were inside the bathroom, the burglars attempted to get them to open the door, which the two women refused to do. Failing to “convince them”, the teens ran away from the scene.

The second thief was arrested thanks to the home surveillance video. The second teen, 16 years old, was captured one day after the arrest of his partner, on Thursday, San Jose police said.

Security Cameras Caught Another Burglar, Entering a Boutique

The police in San Francisco are also looking for another burglar, whose face can be seen on a surveillance video.

The man was captured by a security camera as he smashed into a boutique in West Portal and ran off with more than $3,000 worth of merchandise.

This burglary happened on the morning of April 21.

When she received the call from the police that day at around 3:45 a.m., the owner, Nadia Giusti understandably did not expect anyone to call her at that hour, let alone tell her that her boutique has been burglarized.

Her first reaction, she said, was feeling overwhelmed. But then she remembered that she installed security cameras in her shop in January.

The video shows the burglar, carrying a duffel bag and wearing gloves, as he approaches the front of the store. He then looks inside, and after finding the store empty, takes out a rock from his pocket and starts smashing the doors. Failing to gain entry this way, he turns his back to the door, kicks them a few times and finally breaks the glass.

Once inside, the burglar went to the back of the store, where, according to the owner, she keeps the money and the jewelry. He then reappears on the camera (the store does not have a camera in the back) now carrying a bulging duffel bag and an armful of clothing.

Before leaving, he also took a tray of jewelry near the front door.