Wozniak Convicted in Double Murder

The Costa Mesa community theater actor was found guilty on December 16th, 2015 of murdering two people – one of whom served in Afghanistan.

The jury deliberated for only a few hours after the conclusion of the trial which took more than 5 years to complete. In closing arguments, the prosecution claimed that Wozniak hoped to “use his magical acting powers to trick the dumb police” after being investigated for the killings of Sam Herr and Juri Kibuishi.

Steve Herr, the father of Sam Herr, discovered Kibuishi’s body in his son’s apartment. She had been shot twice. Wozniak lured the woman to Herr’s apartment via text messages after he had killed Herr and taken possession of Herr’s cellphone. Wozniak intended to make Kibuishi’s killing look like a sexual assault, placing her on Herr’s bed, and pulling away her pants as if Herr had raped and killed her.

After Steve Herr notified police of the body, police began looking for Herr. However, bank withdrawals led them to Wozniak. It is believed that Wozniak killed Herr after discovering that Herr had saved a large sum of money during deployments to the Middle East. Prosecutors allege that Wozniak needed that money to fund his upcoming wedding. Parts of Herr’s body were later found in a park in Long Beach.

Jurors were able to watch videos of police interrogations with Wozniak, in which, at one point, he confesses to having seen “the goddamn body,” indicating to detectives that he had been at the crime scene.

Jurors will hear arguments from the prosecution and defense regarding whether or not Wozniak should be sentenced to death sometime in early 2016.